Why Letuška and Asiana?

The company Asiana has been operating on the market since 1993. Letuska.cz is a popular flight ticket portal which Asiana has been successfully running for a number of years. At Letuška, customers can reserve flight tickets and book every possible service associated with around-the-world travel. The name "Letuška" has become so embedded in people's minds that it has become at home in corporate communications. Asiana and Letuška are one family.  

It has experience!

Asiana has been operating on the travel services market for more than twenty years. Over that time we have learnt how to simplify and speed up the arrangement of journeys for all of our clients. We know how to save you time and money.

They are professionals!

We build a team, develop our technology and push the boundaries a little further each day. You travel, we help to make the journey as secure as possible. Whether you turn to us to reserve a flight ticket, arrange a visa, purchase a tour or require other services, our colleagues will always be here for you.

A new way of searching for flight tickets!

In 2015 we launched a new platform for hunters of cheap airfares. Mapa.letuska.cz is ideal for clients who are primarily interested in cheap flight tickets and who enjoy discovering new travel options. Thanks to simple and clearly organised searching, travellers have a quick overview of current prices, can view the details of flight tickets and book them immediately. A bonus is the possibility to track the movement of flight ticket prices for up to ten of the most popular destinations and make an easy purchase directly from the map. The page's revolutionary possibilities serve as a source of inspiration and a pleasant overview of flight ticket prices to known and unknown locations across the globe.

Odškodnění a náhrada za zrušení a zpoždění letu!

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