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Click2claim s.r.o. specializes in resolving financial compensation for air transport irregularities. It was founded in the year 2010 by experts from the ranks of former airline workers.

European legislation places great emphasis on the protection of consumers and their rights. In the area of air transport, it is based mainly on Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, as well as other internationally recognized documents. On their basis, Click2Claim then recovers the appropriate financial compensation for the clients whom it represents.

Clients of travel agencies and ticket vendors can also avail of Click2Claim's services. Passengers will surely appreciate if their travel agency's services include the resolution of problems which may arise in connection with their flight. Given the fact that the obligation of financial compensation also relates to charter flights, it is an ideal complementary service for your existing and future clients.


or the company Darkmay, s.r.o., which provides a tour sales system together with a web presentation for smaller travel agencies. It gathers together a wide network of tours offered by Czech, Slovak and foreign travel agencies. Its portfolio also includes the offer and sale of Click2Claim's services.

If you purchased your airline ticket from a vendor with an IATA licence (letuska.cz, letenky.cz, etc.), it may happen, if your flight is cancelled or delayed by over 3 hours through the carrier's fault, that the vendor from whom you purchased the ticket will contact you to inquire whether you are interested in recovering financial compensation from the carrier. That is where our work begins.

Tour operators

We collaborate with many leading travel agencies, which can offer you our Travel Assistant service. They can offer you this as a paid service in addition to your tour, or as part of it. If, when you are going on holiday, your flight is delayed or even cancelled, the travel agency will offer you a solution, via our company, for recovering financial compensation from the carrier under advantageous conditions.

Travel agencies

In addition to travel agencies which use the Cesys system, other smaller and larger agencies also collaborate with us.

Travel agencies ? incoming

We can recover financial compensation from airlines not only for Czech and Slovak passengers, but also passengers from other countries in the EU or even outside it. That is why our portfolio also includes agencies which deal with inbound tourism

Corporate clients

Did your employer send you on a business trip, and was your flight delayed by over 3 hours through the carrier's fault? In that case, the employee is also entitled to financial compensation. There are many leading agencies which organize small-scale and large-scale business trips for corporation-type companies. We help these travel industry entities to resolve financial compensation as per European Directive no. 261/2004.

Information portals, bloggers, travel websites

We have technical tools at our disposal with which it is possible to commence collaboration with these specific travel industry segments. If you are trying to get your clients interested in a specific service via your website, we can offer you collaboration with the help of our affiliate programme.


Application Processing Department:

this is where the most important work ? the recovery of financial compensation - takes place. When resolving their compensation application, the client will communicate with this department. Our experts handle the entire process, from the receipt of the application to the recovery of the compensation. If the client is not entitled to compensation, our workers will explain the reasons why the compensation cannot be paid out to them.

Project Manager (on-line marketing. IT solutions):

its task is to make Click2Claim visible. In addition to advertising, it also looks after the website ? its design, and also that it functions how it should

+420 727 831 231 info@click2claim.eu
Administration and Invoicing:

if the client communicates with this worker, the communication is usually very pleasant ? this is where financial compensation is paid out

Sales Department, Partner Care:

because our aim is not only to satisfy our clients, but also the partners with whom we collaborate, we take appropriate care of them

External workers ? graphics, copywriting:

external support. The graphic designer is responsible for the visual aspect of the company, and what you read comes from the copywriter's keyboard


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