How do I receive financial compensation?

  1. Submit an on-line applicationSimple and clear submission of an application.
    Client's section for managing a request.
    Amount of possible compensation on-line.
    Application of a Travel Asistent service code.
  2. Processing of applicationApplication assigned to an expert employee.
    We verify whether or not you are entitled to compensation free of charge.
    Click2Claim ensures all communication.
    It keeps you informed of the status of your application.
  3. Financial compensationFinancial compensation up to 600?.
    Enforcement of compensation dating up to 3 years back.
    Low commission including VAT.
    Payment of financial compensation.

In particular,traffic irregularities mean:

Cancelled flight

If a carrier cancels a flight for which they have issued you a ticket, more than two weeks before the flight date, they must provide you with an alternative flight according to availability of which they inform you, or refund you the fare. If the period is shorter, they are obliged to provide you with an alternative flight  according to availability of which they inform you, or refund you the fare, plus pay you a lump sum financial compensation.
Compensation is not provided if, on the alternative connection, you would travel at times similar to your original flight.

Delayed flight

If the flight is delayed by more than two to four hours (depending on the distance), the passenger has a right to care, i.e. information, two telephone calls or internet access, refreshments, and possibly a hotel and transport from/to the airport, to an extent corresponding to the time of day and the length of the delay. In addition to this, they also have the right to compensation, if they reached their destination by the delayed flight three or more hours late. 

Missed connecting flight

A situation when you miss your connecting flight due to a delay on the previous one. The same extent of rights applies here as for a delayed flight. 

Denied boarding

You are denied boarding a flight even though you arrived on time and with a valid airline ticket for check-in, because they sold more seats than the capacity of the aircraft. You have the same rights as in the case of a delayed flight. 

The amount of financial compensation is determined by the flight distance!

250 EURO

to 1500 KM

400 EURO

1501 – 3500 KM

600 EURO

OVER 3500 KM

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