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  • What are the services of Click2Claim?

    Click2Claim helps travellers in claiming their rights against airlines, that are arising from the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council No. 261/2004. It is not uncommon that when making a claim passengers are met with refusal, unwillingness and even deceptive conduct. Click2Claim offers a complete and professional service when handling your claims against airlines, saving you time and money.

  • Compensations in air transport?

    If a problem on a flight or connecting flight is not due to extraordinary circumstances (unfavourable weather conditions, a decision of air traffic control, strikes, natural disasters, political unrest, etc.), the airline operating the flight shall be liable. In addition to duty of care in the form of alternative transport, refreshments and other services, a right to flat financial compensation may arise, within the scope of European Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council No. 261/2004, the full wording of which is available here.

    Its scope has been further expanded on the basis of binding legal interpretations of the Court of Justice of the European Union. It is mandatory for flights of all airlines registered in an EU member state to/from the EU (including Switzerland, Norway and Iceland) and for flights of any airlines departing from an airport located in an EU member state.

    Operational irregularities establishing the right to financial compensation are:

    Flight cancellation, when the passenger was not informed with sufficient time in advance - passengers must be informed more than 14 days prior to departure. If an alternative flight at similar schedule is not provided, the passenger may be entitled to compensation.

    Delayed flight, with arrival to destination more than 3 hours later comparing with original schedule.

    Missing of a connecting flight: when you have a flight ticket for multiple legs of your journey and, as a consequence of a delay or the cancellation of a flight for one leg, you arrive at your final destination more than 3 hours later than the scheduled arrival time, you may be entitled to claim compensation from the airline responsible for the flight in question.

    Rerouting of a flight, i.e. a change in the point of take-off or landing or a change to the routing which results in a delayed arrival at your destination.

    Denied boarding. This occurs because an airline sells more tickets than the capacity of the plane, or because the plane scheduled for your flight is replaced by a type having lower seating capacity. In such cases, you may not be able to board the aircraft and entitled to financial compensation.

    Reduction of travel class, i.e. when you are forced to travel in a lower travel class than that shown on your flight ticket due to a lack of available seats.

    The amount of flat compensation depends on the flight distance:

    Up to 1500 km       EUR 250

    1501-3500 km       EUR 400

    Over 3500 km       EUR 600

    Regardless of the reason for irregularities, an airline is obliged to provide you with care consisting in:

    keeping you sufficiently informed

    alternative connections according to possibilities or a refund of the fare

    refreshments and potentially accommodation with transfer, depending on the waiting period

    2 phone calls or appropriate access to the internet or a fax machine.

    If this care is not provided, the airline shall be obliged to reimburse your expenses (in reasonable measure).

    Whether you are travelling individually or as part of an organised tour is not relevant for the provision of care or financial compensation, it is only conditioned by confirmed reservation on given flight.

  • How to submit the application?

    Applications can be submitted through this website. 

    An application comes in the shape of a form for each type of event and involves 3 steps:

    By entering data on the event, in the first step you will immediately learn whether you are eligible to make a claim for financial compensation pursuant to the parameters of (EC) Regulation No. 261/2004. Verification of this fact is free of charge.

    If you learn that your claim is valid, fill in the remaining parts of the form where you select your customer program (see the Price List section), and at the end you will be asked for your consent to an Order Contract which anchors the provision of our services. Potential service fees can be paid online by credit card or electronic transfer.

    Your application will be processed within two working days and you will be contacted by a member of our staff who will inform you of its progress. Information on the status of proceedings can also be viewed in your registered section under the number of the submitted application.

    Although the form may assess your claim for compensation as probable in accordance with the provided information, based on the subsequent detailed factual and legal verification of the circumstances of the specific case, Click2Claim reserves the right to reach a different opinion. In such a case the customer will be immediately informed and may be asked to provide additional information.

    In the event that the legitimacy of your claim is confirmed, you will be asked to grant power of representation for Click2Claim to deal with the airline on your behalf. In the name of protection of the customer, some airlines request the original power of attorney or, where appropriate, submission of a personal identification document.

    In order to deal with your claim, you should always attach your flight ticket or travel agreement and instructions for the trip. In the last part of the form we recommend attaching any documents which are binding for your journey (boarding passes, receipts, previous correspondence with the airline, etc.), if you have them.


  • Delayed or lost baggage?

    Click2Claim cannot deal with baggage irregularities. The conditions of compensation for undelivered, delayed or damaged baggage are stipulated by an international convention and must be discussed directly with the airline within a period of 21 days of the date of the flight. After this date a claim cannot be enforced.

    In the event that your baggage is missing upon arrival, you must contact the Lost and Found desk and report your lost baggage before leaving the baggage reclaim area. If it is still missing after the stipulated period elapses, the search will be terminated. It is also necessary to make a direct request to the airline concerning the reimbursement of costs incurred in connection with the undelivered baggage within 21 days of the date of your flight. Always request a copy of the search report (PIR) and quote its reference number.

    Rules for assistance in cases of undelivered baggage (if the traveller is not at his/her permanent place of residence, e.g. on holiday) are listed in the Conditions of Carriage of every airline, and the airline is not obliged to provide them. The amount of compensation in cases of delayed, lost or damaged baggage and its contents is limited, so it is generally not recommended to store valuable or fragile objects in checked baggage.

  • What are the terms and conditions of C2C?

    Settlement of a specific claim through Click2Claim takes place under a contract entered into, the complete wording of which can be found here.

    You will find detailed terms and conditions of Click2Claim in the section General Business Conditions (GBC).

    Click2Claim's fee for services can be found in the section Price List.


  • How long back can I claim compensation?

    The right to compensation in the Czech Republic may be asserted retrospectively up to 3 years from the date of your flight (as of 1/1/2014). Owing to possible delays in negotiations with the airline, your application should be submitted in advance, within approximately 30 calendar months of the flight date.

  • The cost of claim process, how long it takes?

    Depending on the circumstances, processing may take between one and four months in the out-of-court stage of negotiations. If the airline does not voluntarily comply with the application, it is possible to proceed through the courts, however only with the customer's consent. In such cases, settlement of your claim may take longer. Customers will be individually informed of the progress of proceedings. 

    The reward Click2Claim charges for its services is in the form of a percentage, in all cases from the sum actually settled sum being sent to clients. Certain programs include a service fee in exchange for lower reward percentage. The fee is paid upon submission of an application and is non-refundable. If we do not are not succeed to reach financial settlement of your claim (which can happen - for example due to the irrecoverability of a sum from another country, bankruptcy of the airline, etc.), you will not pay anything except the service fee, if you have selected it.

    Concise information can be found in the section Price List.

    There are cases where, in spite of all our efforts, an airline does not recognise a legitimate claim and refuses to pay the appropriate compensation. In such a case, our collaborating legal firm will assess the likelihood of success in potential litigation, free of charge. If the matter is not assessed positively, with your consent we will initiate exaction of the claim through the courts with a lawyer on behalf of the customer. According to the individual circumstances, the costs of such representation may come to a maximum of CZK 1000. The client will always be informed of this amount in advance and asked for his/her consent.

    If however, given the circumstances of a case, successful litigation cannot be guaranteed, it shall be up to the client to decide whether or not he/she wishes to take this risk and, in the case of a loss, to bear the expenses for the complete legal services.
    Court proceedings may also have to be conducted outside of the Czech Republic. In such cases expenses will be calculated individually and always discussed with the client in advance.

  • How far is my personal information protected?

    Click2Claim respects and protects your personal information in accordance with Act No.101/2000 Coll. on personal data protection.

  • Examples from the experience of Click2Claim

    When Mrs W was flying from Vienna to Bangkok, her flight arrived 5 hours late. Mrs W made a claim and was awarded compensation in the sum of EUR 600.

    Mr. T unsuccessfully attempted to claim compensation from a flight from Rome to Prague. He submitted his application for compensation to Click2Claim, and after his claim was referred to the courts, the airline paid him compensation.

    Mrs B had paid for a trip with her outbound flight departing from Prague. On the return journey the flight was overbooked and the passenger was transferred to a flight to Bratislava, however without connecting transport to her final destination. The travel agency could do nothing to help her. After turning to Click2Claim, the charter airline apologised to the passenger, paid full compensation and the cost of a train ticket.


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