Cancelled flights

Cancelled flights are an everyday occurrence at all airports within the EU. If you have been affected be the issue of cancelled flights, you may be entitled to compensation. However, the given regulation must fulfil the conditions stipulated by European Regulation no. 261/2004. If the carrier failed to fulfil the stipulated conditions, you should begin to resolve the situation and recover your compensation for the cancelled flight.

If the flight is cancelled, an entitlement to care and assistance arises:

Right to refreshments and food corresponding to the time spent waiting for an alternative flight.

Hotel accommodation and transport with regard to the time of day or night, and the time spent waiting.

Cancellation of the trip and refund of the ticket price, or alternatively return to the point of departure on the first possible connection.

If the alternative flight lands at the destination with a delay longer than 3 hours, and the flight cancellation occurred through the airline's fault, the following entitlement to financial compensation arises:

250 EURO

to 1500 KM

400 EURO

1501 ? 3500 KM

600 EURO

OVER 3500 KM

There is no entitlement to compensation if the carrier arranged an alternative connection with arrival:

  • if the flight's arrival was not delayed by more than 3 hours, compared to the planned arrival
  • if a non-European carrier is flying to the EU
  • if the delay occurred due to extraordinary circumstances (strike, weather, natural disasters)



Flight cancellation compensation

If your flight was cancelled, you may be entitled to flight cancellation compensation. This is an obligation on the carrier's part, arising from the contract of carriage.

You are entitled to it if the carrier failed to observe the requisites imposed on them in this situation by European regulations. Flight cancellation compensation will at least slightly mitigate the difficulties connected with this unpleasant situation.


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