Delayed flights

Delayed flights accompany the daily operation of most airports; now it's time for passengers to start demanding their rights to compensation for an unpleasant situation. A situation where you do not depart according to the appropriate flight schedule is considered to be a delayed flight. In order to claim compensation for damage, the delay must fulfil several criteria.

If the flight is delayed, an entitlement to care and assistance arises:

Right to refreshments and food corresponding to the time spent waiting.

Hotel accommodation and transport with regard to the time of day or night, and the time spent waiting.

If the delay is longer than 5 hours, the passenger can abandon the journey or its continuation, and ask for a refund of the ticket price, or alternatively to return to the point of departure on the first possible connection.

If the flight lands at the destination with a delay greater than 3 hours, and this delay occurred through the airline's fault, the following entitlement to financial compensation arises:

250 EURO

to 1500 KM

400 EURO

1501 ? 3500 KM

600 EURO

OVER 3500 KM

There is no entitlement to compensation:

  • if the flight's arrival was not delayed by more than 3 hours, compared to the planned arrival
  • if a non-European carrier is flying to the EU
  • if the delay occurred due to extraordinary circumstances (strike, weather, natural disasters)


Flight delay compensation

Was your flight delayed, causing you to miss a connecting flight, or did this situation cause you other difficulties? In that case, the airline failed to fulfil its obligations arising from the contract of carriage, and you are entitled to flight delay compensation.

If you fulfil the required conditions, then you have an indisputable claim for flight delay compensation against the carrier.


Didn't land on time? Get paid for it!