Do you have your favorite hotel, do you want a family room or are you planning a vacation in a larger group and don't want to wait for the summer sale, when the offer of tours is already smaller? We have prepared special first minute offers for you with a discount of up to 40%. If you are afraid that your plans may change unexpectedly before the summer, we will insure your trip against cancellation. So put your worries behind you and take advantage of the biggest offer of first minute tours on the Czech market.

If, on the other hand, you are waiting for hot offers, the lowest prices and you never plan your vacation in advance, use our offers of last minute tours.

We compare the offers of hundreds of Czech and German travel agencies for you. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, we are the first travel agency on the Czech market to offer the opportunity for our clients to choose from the most advantageous offers. Under a specific accommodation facility, you will find Czech, Slovak, German and Austrian CC offers together. So you don't have to compare individual travel agencies, in short you just choose the accommodation that will be best for you, the offers are already sorted by us according to your entered preferences.

One of the lowest tour prices on the market:

Thanks to the large volume of sold tours, we are able to offer you such prices that you will not find elsewhere. On our website you can also find air tours with a price tag of less than 5,000 CZK! Just patiently follow our website and catch such a tour! See for yourself here!

Compilation of a tailor-made tour

Didn't choose any of the offered tours? Do you have above-standard requirements or do you want an active vacation? We will be happy to put together a tailor-made tour for you. For example: "A business class ticket, 7 nights at the Burj Al Arab hotel, then a helicopter flight and finally a wedding in the Maldives!" or "I want to ride a bike during the day and sail on a boat in the evening." The lowest prices are a matter of course for us. 

Odškodnění a náhrada za zrušení a zpoždění letu!